We handle your recruiting, prescreening, employee management and workers’ compensation requirements. If you need to increase your staff to meet your client’s needs, remember to include Temps, Inc. We allow you that flexibility to get your clients job done! Once your project is complete make one call to us and we will do the rest to inform our employees of the project completion. It’s that easy. “Poof” the cost of ‘Ramping up” has just been managed! Now you are equipped for any size project with Temps, Inc.

We provide seamless transitions between your Human Resource Department and Hiring Managers to extend your workforce and accommodate YOUR Clients needs.

T.E.M.P.S., Inc.’s Transportation Transit division provides management and transportation personnel to municipalities, engineering firms and research & development consultants for over 15 years. Encompassing; On-Board Passenger Counts, Bus/Rail Surveys, Travel Surveys, Traffic Counts, Project Management, Call Center, On-Site Supervision and Training.

Job Placement Categories


  • Administrative and Clerical
  • Accounting
  • Call Center / Customer Service
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Education
  • Event Staff
  • General Labor
  • Hospitatilty
  • Logistics
  • Programming: Websites & low-level languages
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse


Education Seminars on Current Job Markets
Allied Medical & Patient Support
Interview Preparation
Market Research: Quantitative & Qualitative
On-Site Check-In's
Project Management
Referral Bonus
Research & Quality Assurance
Resume Review & Critique
Transportation: Training & Field Data Collection

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